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Welcome. We trust that you will enjoy your visit with us.

This website includes a number of unique features, as well as a number of links to other websites that we consider to be of particular value and/or interest.

In the hope that the articles and links provided will prove to be a special blessing to every aspect of your life, we have chosen to include content that will enrich your spiritual life, your physical life, your social life, and your mind.

To discover the assurance of salvation, to find rejoicing in the sense of sins forgiven, to know Him better, to gain a deeper understanding of the gospel, to find a deeper yearning to help our fellow man - these are some of our most cherished spiritual dreams, and these are our wishes for you dear reader. If this site can contribute towards the realization of these dreams in your life, then you yourself will be our dream come true. 

While encouragement is certainly the highest goal of this website, and more especially that of our outreach website, certain features that are included here will challenge the "comfortable" believer. The intention, however, is not to discourage anyone, but simply to keep us reminded of our need of a Saviour - and of His righteousness. After all, if we really are serious about being saved, then we cannot allow ourselves to forget that . . .

`It is only he who knows himself to be a sinner that Christ can save.' (COL158)

This is why the cutting truths are not to be shunned, for cutting truth, if presented in love, and if humbly accepted, can only bring us to our knees before the cross - and it is at the foot of the cross that we reach the zenith of our Christian experience.

`Kneeling in faith at the cross, [we have] reached the highest place to which man can attain.' (SD222)

When Jesus finally sees the results of His sacrifice, when he finally considers "the travail of His soul," we pray that He will see you and that He will see our team, and we pray that we all will see the smile of deep satisfaction and love that will then come over His face.

Our prayer for you, dear reader, is that you will experience an ever-deepening relationship with Him. In this regard, we enthusiastically refer you to a special feature at our outreach website entitled A Brand New You.

While we are dedicated Seventh-day Adventists, and while we wholeheartedly support our church and its beliefs, some of the views and interpretations included in this website, and especially those related to the book of Revelation, are our personal views and interpretations and, as such, they might not reflect the corporate thinking or convictions of the church body at this point in time.

Please feel free to share any thought or suggestion with us.

Take care and God bless you

Neville Mandy


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