Meditations On Faith

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Meditation 1:     Faith is generous - for faith originates with a generous God.

Meditation 2:     Faith sees beyond our present trials and troubles.

Meditation 3:     Faith transcends time and space.

Meditation 4:     Faith sees life where there is only death.

Meditation 5:     Faith has an insatiable appetite for truth.

Meditation 6:     Faith sees over and beyond the heads of men.

Meditation 7:     Faith submerges our life into the life of Jesus

Meditation 8:     Faith does not originate within us but within God.

Meditation 9:     Faith thrives on a total lack of tangible evidence. 


`Genuine faith is life. A living faith means an increase of vigor, a confiding trust, by which the soul becomes a conquering power.' (AG140)


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