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Making Wise Decisions: Needing wisdom? Undecided about a vital issue? The seven pillars of wisdom will benefit you greatly. 

The True Science Of Healing: A free E-Book that highlights the true significance of our health message while exposing what is undoubtedly medical science's most tragic oversight.

New Insights Into Revelation: Students of Revelation will be pleasantly challenged by these unique insights - all of which find ample support in the inspired writings and in the fountainhead of logic.

You Can Change The World. Why did Jesus urge us to pray? One reason is because diligent prayer really can make a huge difference.

A Portrait Of God: An adventure through awesome truth in search of an awesome God. An expanded paraphrase of the book of Hebrews.

The Only Pathway To True Happiness: An in-depth study of the Beatitudes - these being the attitudes that make up the constitution of the kingdom of the blessed.

Meditational Adventures: Sundry meditations for those moments when you are in the mood for some spiritual deep-drilling.

Meditations on Faith: The subject of faith is as deep and as wide as the universe itself. Here are a few favourite meditations on this intriguing, and all-important subject.

Exploring Vital Truth: An in-depth adventure into 20 vital, life-changing truths.

The Life-Beat Newsletter:  Casual reading for the seeker after truth - including a number of bite-sized pearls and thought-provoking nuggets.

Racial Discrimination And The Church: (Apartheid): If Jesus is coming soon to fetch a united church, and we are still divided on the question of skin color, then it's time to consider the counsel.

How To Avoid The Coming Plagues: Will the plagues of Revelation strike at random? Or can we take preventive action? Recent developments confirm that it is almost too late to find out.

God's Simple Program To Win The World: If you and/or your church are making little evangelistic progress, then try following God's specific directions for our end-time work. Overwhelming success is guaranteed.

Turbo-Charge Your Mind: We may drink from the muddied streams in the valley, but what a change comes over our lives when we rise up to the fountainhead - when we quench our spiritual thirst with unadulterated truth?

Pearls of Great Price: For those who enjoy a spiritual treasure hunt, here is a special selection of extra-precious pearls to thrill your soul.

The Straight Testimony - Our Greatest Need:  `By some there is a shunning of the living testimony. Cutting truths must not be shunned. It needs something besides the theory to reach hearts now.' (2SG283]

The Last Hour Message:  The world is writhing in agony - crying out for the knowledge that has been entrusted to us for just such a time as this.


Highly Recommended Links

A Miracle Called You:  Here you will find some incredible facts that will more than convince you that you are a miracle of the most amazing proportions.

Needing Encouragement?  Heartbroken? Lonely? Depressed? Despondent? Backslidden? Sad? Poor self-image? Need a friend? No matter what your burden may be, here you will find comfort and hope.

A Brand New You: Are you longing for self-improvement? Are you trying to overcome a weakness or a habit? Are you struggling to keep your resolutions? Here is how you can be a true winner.

The Most Significant Radio Message Ever: If ever there were a message that we all need to hear, and that we will most definitely regret not hearing, this is it. Joe Crews at his best.

The Gospel In a Nutshell: At this link you will find a wonderful article by Pastor Jack Sequeira that presents the good news in all of its amazing wonder. Inspiring indeed - and best read prayerfully and on an empty stomach.

Overcome Disease For Life:  For those who are tired of suffering, tired of being ill, or those who wish to ensure that they stay healthy, here is a link to a free E-Book that will set you on the road to glowing good health.

Natural-Food Recipes Galore - And Much More: Including meatless main dishes, bio-friendly spreads, cakes, sweets, salads, puddings, natural alternatives, food flavoring and combining hints etcetera.

How Can I Live Forever?   For thousands of years the true answer to this question has had a dramatic effect on the lives of millions of people. Here is that answer in the plainest, simplest language.




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"He shall cover you with His feathers, And under His wings you shall take refuge; His truth shall be your shield and buckler." (Psalm 91:4)



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