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The Eight Laws Of
Physical & Spiritual Health

Just as motor cars are governed by laws, so it is that our spiritual and our physical lives are governed by unchanging laws. When we run the motor according to the manufacturers specifications then, as a rule, it will run well. When we conduct our lives according to the Manufacturers specifications then, as a rule, all will go well.

When problems develop with the motor car, we do not add pills to the radiator, or potions to the petrol. No, we establish what it is that is no longer in harmony with the manufacturer's specifications, and then we rectify the wrong. This will invariably restore the motor car to peak running condition.

Yet this basic rule has been all but forgotten when it comes to the healing of our spiritual and our physical maladies. As a result, when we fall ill we seldom if ever ask ourselves what it is about our lifestyle and diet that may be out of harmony with the Manufacturer's specifications. Instead, we simply reach for the pills and/or the potions - all of which usually only treat symptoms and/or relieve pain, and none of which do anything to bring our lives back into line with the Manufacturers specifications?

And this is one of the major reasons why illness is epidemic today. In a vain effort to recover health, most people will take and will do anything, but the thought will seldom cross the mind that our first priority is to stop taking and doing whatever it is that is making us ill.

`Obey carefully all the words of this law. They are not just idle words for you - they are your life.' (Deut 32:46,47)

True remedies, therefore, are those that bring our lives back into harmony with the Manufacturer's specifications.

`Pure air, sunlight, rest, proper diet, exercise, abstemiousness, the use of water, trust in Divine power, these are the true remedies.' (MH127)

Having seen hundreds of people recover from illness when these true remedies have been vigorously "applied," we speak with a confidence that is born out of experience when we confirm that these really are the true remedies. For a deeper discussion of these rememdies from the physical viewpoint, we refer the reader to the free E-Book at www.keepwell.com.

But what of our spiritual ills?

The true remedies that are spoken of above all have their spiritual counterparts and, as such, if you feel that your spiritual life is not what it should be, you need only to employ the spiritual remedies that are presented below and the desired results will be achieved - guaranteed.

The following table is presented, together with what has already been stated, as good food for meditation.

Key Thought: `There are great laws that govern the world of nature,
and spiritual things are controlled by principles equally certain. (5T724)



Pure Air

Prayer is the Breath of The Soul. (GW254)

  Fresh Air

  We must breath without ceasing

  Fresh air invigorates and cleanses the body


  We must pray without ceasing (SC98)

  Prayer invigorates and cleanses the soul


`To remove the cross from the Christian
would be like blotting the sun from the sky.' (AA209)


  The sun is God's gift to sustain our physical life. 

  The sun is the inexhaustible source of power, of warmth and of light.

The Crucified Jesus

  The crucified Jesus is God's gift to sustain our spiritual life.

  `We behold in the cross of Christ our efficiency, our inexhaustible source of power.' (6BC1112)


`Abiding in Christ Brings Rest' (SC71)


  In quietness and confidence we rest through the night

  In rest we cease from our labours

  In sleep we find rest

Abiding in Jesus

  In quietness and confidence we rest in His righteousness

  Resting in Jesus we do not labour to earn salvation

  `Come unto Me and I will give you rest.'


Through physical exertion we exercise the physical man. 
Through praise and ministry we exercise the spiritual man
- vertically and horizontally (forming the cross).


  During exercise we utilize our physical energies in the interests of life.

  The other physical laws find their expression in exercise.

Praise and Ministry

  During praise and ministry we utilize our spiritual energies in the interests of love.

  The other spiritual laws find their expression in praise and ministry.

Proper Diet

`As our physical life is sustained by food,
so our spiritual life is sustained by the word of God.' (DA390)

Good Food

  What food is to the body . . .

  Avoid adulterated, refined and chemicalized foods . . .

  `As you employ the best ingredients in preparing food . . .

  `Our bodies are built from what we eat and drink; and . . .


  `As the body is continually receiving the nourishment that sustains life and vigor, . . .

The Word Of God

  . . . Christ [in His word] must be to the soul (DA389)

  Avoid erroneous teachings and corrupting influences

  . . . remember that you are to give your mind the best thoughts.' (COL359)

  . . . as in the natural economy, so in the spiritual economy: it is what we meditate upon that will give tone and strength to our spiritual nature.' (SC88)

  . . . so the soul must be constantly communing with Christ, submitting to Him and depending wholly upon Him.' (MB19)


`I will pour water on the thirsty land, . . . 
I will pour My Spirit on your offspring.' (Isaiah 44:3)


  Water is the great cleanser of the body.

  Water lifts things containing air

Holy Spirit

  The Holy Spirit is the great cleanser of the soul

  The Holy Spirit lifts believers through prayer


Abstemious = Controlling the appetite - eating whole foods, abstaining from junk foods.

Meditation = Controlling the thoughts - focusing on holy things, abstaining from bad thoughts.


  When fasting we do not eat and exercise, and we allow our physical system to be strengthened and cleansed by fresh air, sunshine and water.


  When meditating we cease to study and minister, and we allow our spiritual system to be strengthened and cleansed by prayer, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Trust in God

When we are physically ill we must put our trust in Nature for healing,
when we are spiritually ill we must put our trust in Jesus for healing.


  We should trust and believe that God has provided in Nature for our physical well-being

  It is not enough just to believe in Nature's healing powers, we must also live in harmony with nature.


  We should trust and believe that God has provided in Jesus for our spiritual well-being

  It is not enough just to believe in Jesus' healing powers, we must also come into a life-changing relationship with Him.


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