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Creation, Calvary
And Coitus

Love is a living principle and, like all living things, love is either living and growing, or it is dead.

In order for love to live and to grow, it must have objects upon which to shower its loving attentions. No doubt this is one good reason why God created life, that He would have creatures to love - that His love might live and grow.

It was in the interests of love, therefore, that God set an endless universe in an eternal framework, that the growth of His love might never be limited by space or by time. Thus God ensured that His endless love could reach an endless universe in an endless timeframe - and this that His love might never stop living and growing.

Creation, therefore, must undoubtedly have been a high experience for God. How delighted He must have been to have new creatures to love and to care for.

Being a God of love, the King of Love determined that His creatures should share in the delights of creation - and so He ordained that His creation would be perpetuated through procreation - through the giving of a man and a woman to each other in love - and this that they, and He, might have children to love - that love might continue to live and grow.

It was a holy God, therefore, who ordained that life after creation would be conceived at the moment of love's most intimate and most ecstatic experience. And it was thus that God ensured that every new life would come into the world nestled and nurtured in the cradle of love. What a beautiful plan to provide love with objects to love - that love might continue to live and to grow.

Could we say, therefore, that sexual intercourse is a type of creation? Could we go so far as to say that the pleasure associated with sex is typical of the joy that God experienced at creation? Most minds will recoil at the thought, but this is only because we have been schooled into associating sex with filth and lust, when in truth sex is a most sacred act. Sex is the cradle that God handcrafted for the continuance of life. After all, every one of us is the product of sex. If not for sex, not one of us would exist.

Sex, therefore, is something very sacred and very wonderful - it is something that is extremely beautiful - something that originated in the mind of a holy God. In truth, sex is a holy act that should most certainly cast our minds back to creation, to the joy and the deep sense of satisfaction that God felt when He created Adam and Eve, when He "saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good." So yes, we would venture to say that sexual intercourse is a type of creation. Is that not why sex and the life that it spawns is referred to as procreation? The table below certainly confirms the point.

Through creation, therefore, God made life, and through coitus or sex God provided for the continuation of life.

On this planet, however, we threw ourselves out of the arms of God's love, and we thus became subject to death. Yet, true to form, Infinite Love turned tragedy into triumph. God gave His life, in love, that we might live and grow in the shadow of His love, and in so doing He gave the universe the ultimate demonstration of love. Where sin should have ended in death, love stepped onto its most elevated and glorified platform - and this that love might continue to live and to grow.

All praise to God, therefore, for creation, for Calvary, and for coitus (sex) - for these are His primary contributions in the interest of life - that love might continue to live and to grow throughout eternity.




God gave us life

God gave us His life

God gave us the ability to procreate life

The Father brought forth sons and daughters

Faith brings forth sons and daughters

Sexual Intercourse brings forth sons and daughters

Out of Love, physical and spiritual life was born.

Out of love, spiritual life is reborn.

Out of love, physical life is born

It was out of Godís need to be loved that He gave us life

It was out of Godís need to be loved that He gave us His life

It is out of our need to be loved that we give ourselves to our partners

As an expression of His love, God created life

At the moment of loveís highest expression, eternal life was secured

At the moment of loveís highest expression, life is conceived

God enjoyed the ecstasy of creation knowing full well that agony would follow

For the ecstasy of living with us forever, Jesus endured the agony of the cross

Life is born out of ecstasy and agony.

God duplicated Himself

God destroyed Himself

We duplicate ourselves

I am an expression of my heavenly Fatherís love

My spiritual life is an expression of my heavenly Fatherís love

I am an expression of my mother and fatherís love


Closing Thoughts:

§  If coitus is a type of creation, is it any wonder that Satan has worked with fiendish zeal to turn the loving moment out of which our lives are conceived into a lustful moment of selfish gratification - to turn life-giving love into life-destroying lust?

§  If sexual intercourse is a type of, and an expression of Godís creative power, how dare we enter into sexual relationships that are not sanctified by Him? How dare we venture into a sacred act that could result in a new life being spawned in loveless lust?

§  In the interests of mammon, men, prompted by the powers of evil, have robbed sex of its beauty and its sacredness, and they have turned God's beautiful creative act into an instrument of destruction. Proof, once more, that we cannot serve God and mammon.

We invite your comments on the above meditation.


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