The Two Covenants: There are Christians who think one way and there are Christians who think entirely differently. Yet only one group is correct. Which group are you in?

Creation, Calvary and Coitus: A challenging study that elevates the act of sexual intercourse to its rightful place in life. (New)

Good News on Obedience: Those who have been struggling with inherited and cultivated tendencies to do wrong will be greatly encouraged as they consider the nature of true obedience.

The Law of Love: The Ten Commandments are a word picture of the character of God - and God is love. The Ten Commandments must therefore represent the highest definition of love.

Meditational Framework: Some ideas, and an example, to help you to put together your own meditational adventures.

What is Love? A thought-provoking summary of Ellen White's thoughts on love.

The 8 Laws of Spiritual & Physical Health: Just as we have true remedies in the physical realm, so we have true remedies in the spiritual realm.  


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